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Portrait of Chema Glez, Artist & LGTBQ activist, Madrid 2018

La Latina is an artistic neighborhood, halfway between a village town alley and a modern hipster area, where the essence of what makes Madrid eternal converges and mixes with the bohemian soul of the entire country. It is a neighborhood where the authenticity of its inhabitants energizes a spirit of timeless lightness, as if we were strolling through the alleys of a distant town that had been trapped in a time emanating from the antiquities of its famous "Rastro Fair".

Gypsies and bohemians, everyone who lives there has a history of some distant region of Spain; A nomad neighborhood that drags the stories of its inhabitants.

These portraits were made under that premise, capturing the essence of the people who inhabit it, through a lens of nostalgia. The place chosen was the infamous basement of the actors' exit area of the old Novedades Theater, which burned on September 23, 1928, now re-converted into the basement of a store.

The store in question is Santa & Señora, where that air of nostalgia for other times is still breathed when walking through the door.

(Author's note: In 2021, the store closed due to the pandemic)

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